Point Radix Beach


We are blessed with several beaches on the property, each with its own charm. Most of the beaches require a moderate to fairly challenging hike to access but fortunately, our biggest (and arguably most beautiful) can be accessed by vehicle. This beach is called Grand Anse (pronounced Gran Tas) on the eastern most tip of the estate. All our beaches share two fantastic traits – unparalleled beauty and complete privacy. Visit the beaches at night and you may see adult and/or hatchling turtles.

Point Radix Fishing


Due to several rocky reefs right off shore, the fish aren’t hard to find. Fishing from the beach or various peninsulas usually produce good results with fish such as cavalie, tarpon, snapper, moonshine, barracuda and many others. Be prepared to face the elements (rain/sun) as there is little natural protection out in the open.

Point Radix Biking


With mostly hilly and bumpy terrain, mountain-bikers need to be on the fit side. Descent rides can be found on the estate itself but for those willing to venture further, riders can proceed (by bike) to Cascadoo and Kernaham Villages which are about two miles from the base of Point Radix. Riders of all levels will find these rides both exhilarating and challenging.

Point Radix Hiking


With several beaches and breathtaking views scattered around the estate, there is no limit to the hiking opportunities. Simply walking along the quiet road and tracks will be greatly rewarding and provides the real possibility of seeing beautiful wildlife such as agouti, porcupines, snakes and much more. For those willing to give it a try, there are several forest trails leading to beautiful views, however, make sure to stay on track as getting lost is a real possibility.

Point Radix Camping


For those who want it rough and wild…we have it. Choose virtually any spot on the estate and set up camp and relax knowing that you are in a safe place.

Point Radix River Boat


The mouth of the Ortoire River is right at the base of Point Radix and provides an ideal opportunity to go sightseeing by boat. Make arrangements with any of the many fisherfolk in the village and you’ll be on your way.

Point Radix Bees


We have two apiaries on the estate totaling about 30 hives. For those who are interested, and if the timing is right, it is possible for someone to suit up and join us for a visit to the hives.

Point Radix Birds


We have lots of birds…enough to keep the serious bird watcher occupied for hours. Toucans, woodpeckers, hawks, pelicans, hummingbirds and everything else - we have it within easy reach. Bring a pair of binoculars and get lost in bird watching.